Qigong Instructor Course

Qigong Instructor Course


Run by the Ireland Health Qigong Association (the official body for the promotion of Qigong through the Chinese  World Health Qigong Federation), this course will give anyone with an interest in learning and teaching Qigong the chance to become a qualified instructor one of the fastest growing health practices in the world today.

It can be used as a stand alone teaching qualification or as an addition to those already working within holistic, health care and professional organisations.


The practice of Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) uses simple movements, and sometimes sounds, to help the body realign itself physically and emotionally.  These low impact exercises are suitable for all ages giving participants their own individual health benefits.  All Qigong practices focus on the internal workings of the body (internal organs, bones, tendons, energy channels) as well as the external (muscles, skin and sense organs).

Usually practiced as a set sequence set of movements called forms, they are highly enjoyable to teach as well as practice, reinvigorating the body and mind.  All of the forms taught by the association have been carefully refined from ancient practices by top Qigong masters to give optimal benefits to everyone.


While previous experience is not essential, dedication and regular practice at home are required for you to complete this course. Over the course you will be given the training and skills covering;

Qigong Movements / Forms

Silk Reeling Energy Work

Theory / Methodology

Acupoints & Meridian Theory

Class Structures

Teaching Methods

Business/tax Protocols

Personal Practice and Development

As part of our flexible learning plan you get to choose the dates (and in what order) you wish to attend to get the most out of the program. The full course must be completed within a maximum of 24 months from your first attendance. You are also welcome to do extra workshops (to be paid for separately) if you wish in that time period. To be eligible for certification you must have attended a minimum of;

Two full Instructor Training Weekends,

One day long Five Animals Qigong seminar,

Two half day workshops 

These must be attended within a 6-24 month period for a valid instructor certificate to be issued.



Over the course you will have lessons in a few different types of Qigong,  This will help you develop an understanding of how movements affect the body and mind, and give you an opportunity to decided which 1 or 2 forms you wish to specialise in and be assessed.  The forms we do  are;

Taiji Stick Health Preservation Exercises

Ba Duan Jin

Ma Wang Dui

Six Healing Sounds

Five Animals


Each Qigong form has it’s own particular health benefits and attractions.  We run two half day workshops per year of each of the first four listed as well as two full day Five Animals Qigong Seminars.

The half day workshops are open to the public and will give you experience of seeing how these exercises are taught in an everyday environment.



The instructor only training weekends will be held in the Auburn Lodge Hotel, Ennis (10am-5pm) on the following dates;

 Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th May 2020

Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd November 2020

Saturday 8th -Sunday 9th May 2020

Run from 10am-5pm each day we cover two Qigong sets over each weekend as well as Silk Reeling Energy movements and other more practical aspects of running your own classes.  Once a year (usually the May weekend) we have a guest Acupuncturist whom lectures on how the associated energy channels relate to our practice.  


The full listings for seminars and workshops in 2020 can be found here (please email directly on claretaichi@gmail.com for youtube links for any of the forms)



The qualification is examined on an ongoing assessment basis to ensure we see your development over the course and help with progress into the future. Qualifications are issued dependent on the proficiency and understanding of the Qigong forms learned.  Instructors are also obliged to keep attending workshops after qualification to ensure their standards are kept at a suitable level and to improve going into the future.

Newly qualified instructors will be awarded one of the following teaching certificates as issued by the Ireland Health Qigong Association (the official body of the World Health Qigong Federation in Ireland);

 Foundation Qigong Instructor;   (1 Qigong form)

Level 1 Qigong Instructor;       (2 Qigong forms)


The cost for the full course(when paid for in advance) is  €955.  For this you will receive;

Two full Instructor only training weekends

One day long Five Animals Qigong seminar

Two other half day workshops


And on completion and passed assessment you will receive;

Membership with the Ireland Health Qigong & Tai Chi Association

Instructor Certificate

Customized Instructor shirt

A minimum deposit of €200 is required to book place on the course (non-refundable) with balance payable on first attendance.  You also have the option of paying for each Weekend/Workshop separately (single weekend costs €450, costs for other workshops are listed in the workshops page)


This course is in high demand, so early booking advised;

Instructor Weekend Courses



For Qualified Instructors;

After a years teaching experience you have the option to reassess and qualify for; Level 2 Qigong Instructor: (3 Qigong forms).

You are welcome to attend instructor weekends at the training rate of €110 per day (€200 for 2 days) with additional assessment fee of €100 if you wish to upgrade your certification;

Qualified instructors



What previous participants had to say;


“I loved it. It was so relaxing, informative.  I was hesitant to join but am so delighted that I did.  It has opened up a whole new world for me.  Kevin and John are wonderful teachers”,  Sinead

“I never thought I would enjoy it so much!”,  Susan

“Excellent tuition.  Very very enjoyable.  Thank you both for all your time, input and passing on of skills”,  Lisa-Ann

“Great teaching, positive learning, encouraging and openness to questions”  Uta

“I know this course has been literally life changing”,  William




For bookings or information please contact;

​John Collins – 0868377147, irelandtaichi@hotmail.com

Kevin Copeland – 0860535513, claretaichi@gmail.com





 John Collins 4th Duan Wei – Head Instructor Ireland Qigong Association

A journey to China over 15 years ago ignited a passion for Tai Chi and Qigong. Having trained in other martial arts for over 10 years, Qigong was that missing piece of the puzzle he was searching for.

His passion and dedication to training gained him one of the highest honours in Chen Tai Chi to be accepted as a direct student of the current family representative Grand Master Chen Zhenglei – the only Irish person to have received this honour and is also a senior indoor student of Grandmaster Liming Yue.

John travels to China regularly to improve his knowledge of Qigong.


Kevin Copeland 2nd Duan Wei – Senior Instructor Ireland Qigong Association

A chance meeting with John Collins over 10 years ago led Kevin to his first experience with Qigong & Tai Chi. Since then Kevin has gone on to be accepted as a student of Grand Master Liming Yue as well as gaining Duan Wei 2nd class for Tai Chi as well as 3rd Duan Wei in Qigong, for which he also represented Ireland in international competition. Like John, Kevin’s commitment to training and teaching has led him on a journey he wishes to share with anyone interested in experiencing the life enhancing qualities regular Qigong practice can give.