Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal art that gives proven health benefits to those who practice. Such benefits include better balance, increased flexibility, stronger bones, improved circulation, toned muscles and a calm the mind. These low impact exercises are all done from a standing position and because the principal of Tai Chi is to keep the body relaxed, the movements taught in class give health benefit to each persons individual needs.

The style of Tai Chi taught is Chen style. The movements are performed to incorporate the whole body.  Chen style Tai Chi is unique in that single movements are first performed in a repeated pattern so to build up the “muscle memory” and move in a more Tai Chi way.  The benefit of this style of training is that new participants can quickly learn and perform meaningful exercises  right from the start. This brings a more progressive physical dynamic to the training in a shorter space of time.  Another benefit to this type of training is that the exercise can be performed in a limited space, so making it more conducive to practice at home.

Grand Master Chen Zhenglei demonstrating form

Grand Master Liming Yue demonstrating 11 Form

Helpful instruction on foundation exercises