Five Animals Qigong (Wu Qin Xi)

Dating back to the 3rd century AD, Five Animals Qigong is one of the most popular forms of health preserving exercises practiced in the far east.  More recently this set has been further refined by the Chinese World Health Qigong Federation to suit the needs of modern day living.  Each of the Five Animals emcompases the whole body to stimulate acupoints, tone muscles, massage internal organs, improve balance, aid the immune system and facilitate smoother blood flow.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those wishing to build on their existing skills.

Next one is being held in the Auburn Lodge, Ennis on Saturday 8th August 2020

11am-5.30pm, €64 early bird (€75 on the day), pre-booking required

(discount available for low paid or unwaged, please contact directly fro details)

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Health Qigong – Wu Qin Xi – The Five Animal Frolics

Brief History
Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) – The Five Animal Frolics can be regarded as the earliest form of Medical Qigong in Chinese history, dating back to Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220).
The creation of Wu Qin Xi was attributed the famous Chinese Physician and Surgeon Hua Tuo (110-207) who had great skills as a surgeon, acupuncturist, herbalist and knowledge of human anatomy. He is also believed to be the first person in the world to have developed the use of anaesthesia.
Besides treating his patients when they were ill, Hua Tuo was also keen to recommend physical exercises for people as a method of rehabilitationHua Tuo, recovery, and most importantly for prevention. Wu Qin Xi is a set of Daoyin (deep stretching) and Tu Na (deep breathing) exercise imitates the actions of animals based on the habits of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird. Although the profile and value of Wu Qin Xi remained high through the history of China and Chinese population around the world, the lack of illustrated documents that survived the turbulence changes of China and indeed the world, means that many different version of Wu Qin Xi is inevitable.
Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi, one of Health Qigong series, is a new development with the support of Chinese Health Qigong Association to embody the essence of the traditional Wu Qin Xi with balanced physical approach and bring good health and well being for people living in the 21stcentury. It presents the scientific concept and the character of the modern time sufficiently, and accords with the traditional principles of regulating the body, breath and mind in Qigong. As a result, it fits the needs of people to promote their health.