Evening Classes

Classes suspended til further notice, all those enrolled in current term will be notified when they will resume;

Tai Chi (& Qigong), Thursdays 6.30pm 

Tai Chi & Qigong movements to preserve health and enhance the mind. This class teaches the body to open energy channels and increase energy flow.  The low impact movements create better alignment, help with balance, tone muscles and massage internal organs.
Run in a friendly environment, this class is for those wishing to generate healthy energy and blood flow through the body and also for those looking to move onto the later Tai Chi class.  Suitable for beginners.


Tai Chi, Thursdays 7.45pm-9pm

Taught with authentic methods. The movements give substantial short and long term health benefits, both to the body and the mind.
We build on the foundations of the beginners class focusing on whole body structure, balance and healthy alignment.  We learn movements linked together to build an even stronger practice that can be utilised at home for significant health and well being. Each step taken in Tai Chi (& Qigong) builds on the last, enhancing your life in the present and the future.
Suitable for those whom have attended a minimum of two terms in the previous class.
Classes cost only €60 for six weeks pp

Ennis Evening Tai Chi Classes

Classes held in the Auburn Lodge, Ennis,  pre-booking required to guarantee place.