Ma Wang Dui

Next workshop is being held in Co. Galway on Sunday 23rd of February 2020

12pm to 3.30pm, cost is €37 when paid in advance (€45 on day)

Call John 086 8377147

(Please note that places can only be reserved when paid for in advance, no refund available after 12 days before event)


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Ma Wang Dui Qigong Exercises and Its Characteristics

Ma Wang Dui Qigong a set of graceful movement exercises based on the Ma Wan Dui silk scroll painting, the earliest (so far) archaeological relics showing how Chinese people use whole-body movement for improving their health and well-being over 2,000 years ago. These movements are elegant, easy for everyone to practice. Each movement is related to one of the 12 meridians. Ma Wang Dui Qigong emphasizes on the use of intention to guide energy flows in the meridians and through acupoints. Thus, the body (movements and actions) and the mind (intentions and thoughts) are trained to co-ordinate with energy (qi).

List of movements;
  1. Starting Stance/預備勢 (Central and Governing) – Clearing the mind/body channels
  2. Drawing a Bow/挽弓 (Lung) – Breath in energy to reach even the farthest ends of the body
  3. Stretching the Back/引背 (Large Intestine) – Shedding the old for the new
  4. Wild Duck Swimming / 凫浴 (Stomach) – Accept the full range of possibilities in your life
  5. Dragon Flying / 龍登 (Spleen) – Setting life goals, building life careers
  6. Bird Spreading Its Wings / 鳥伸 (Heart) – Having a soft core and happily learn from every experience
  7. Stretching the Abdomen / 引腹 – Small Intestines – Gently learn from every experience
  8. Hawk Glaring / 鴟視 (Bladder) – Locked-on to your objectives and boldly move forward
  9. Stretching the Waist /引腰 (Kidney) – Grasp the essence and see the whole picture
  10. Wild Goose Flying / 雁飛 (Circulation Sex) – Soar in passion and love.
  11. Crane Dancing / 鹤舞 (Triple Warmer) – Dance over your successes and celebrate your achievements.
  12. Exhaling with Head Raised / 仰呼 (Gall Bladder) – Assertively telling the world: I am here!
  13. Bending the Body / 折陰 (Liver) – Greeting the outside world while accepting and owning the blessings received.
  14. Closing Stance / 收勢 (Closing the circuit)- for sustainable development in an open system