ZyZMz5t36E--nbu_bk5mIoIONZzY8q1WlfafqXCLt6QKevin Copeland

Kevin Copeland is a Senior instructor with the Ireland Health Qigong & Tai Chi Association and is  2nd Duan Tai Chi / 3rd Duan Qigong certified with the Wushu and World Health Qigong associations respectively.


308739_223761227681530_936344494_nIn the last 13 years Kevin Copeland has been taught and trained by some of the most renowned Tai Chi & Qigong masters in the world.  And in 2012 won silver and bronze medals participating at the World Qigong Tournament in Vancouver.

He currently runs weekly classes in Co. Clare as well as workshops throughout Ireland.  Please contact on 0860535513 for any further information.



alanAlan MacNamara

A former instructor in Bushido martial arts Alan has been practicing Tai chi and Qigong for the last six years.  Fully qualified with the Ireland Health Qigong & Tai Chi Association, Alan was drawn to the internal arts for the holistic body, mind and spiritual integration and benefits.

He has trained with some renowned Tai Chi and Qigong masters over the years and continues to study with the intention of improving his own knowledge for the benefit of all. You can contact Alan directly on 0877745091.


Marjolyn Zaayer 

Marjolijn is 20180923a fully qualified Qigong instructor, certified with the Irish Health Qigong association. She has been practising Qigong for over 10 years, and has been training with several teachers and renowned Qigong masters. She wishes to share her experience, both as a physiotherapist and a Qigong teacher, with anyone interested in health and the health promoting benefits that regular Qigong practice can give for body and mind.

Marjolijn is currently teaching in Clare.

You can contact her on 0864077239




Anne Marie Maguire

Anne Marie Maguire (1)

Anne Marie is a T’ai Chi and Qigong Instructor. She was first introduced to T’ai Chi in 1995, started training in earnest in 1998, and began teaching in 2002. She holds a particular affinity with Qigong and the meditative and healing aspects of both T’ai Chi and Qigong.

Anne Marie also trained as a Herbalist and Naturopath, including the healing modalities of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She continues to deepen her own training with Charles Thackaberry and the Irish T’ai Chi Chuan Association, Ann McIlraith, T’ai Chi Cork, and with the Ireland Health Qigong & Tai Chi Association.

Seminars, Retreats and ongoing classes take place in Fermoy, Co. Cork, and Lismore, Co. Waterford. Please contact her directly on 087-7875848 or follow her through her Facebook page:



Pauline Russell

20160919_132417-1Pauline Russell has had a keen interest in Qigong ,Tai Chi and Meditation  since 1982 . All her life she dipped in and out of various styles and forms . While running her Fashion design business and feeling the effects of stress on the body she went on to  follow her heart in 2003 when she made  Qigong  a way of life and did teacher training in the Infinite Arts ,  Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation.  she continued to educate her work and went on to study Guo Lin Qigong (walking Qigong) . This brought her to a deeper understanding of the true power of Qigong.

Passion for Qigong continued to grow making it a way of life, she has now become a fully Qualified Chinese health Qigong instructor .

Pauline runs classes , morning and evening  , Workshops and  Retreats in Killarney and Tralee .

She says ” I firmly believe that with practice and patience the Chinese Health Qigong forms can enhance  all life,  it’s suitable for all ages and  all abilities .  Daily Practice is the Key and a Healthy Life is the reward .”

Pauline is also a qualified Reiki Master and Magnified healing master instructor. . 0879479461.



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