Welcome to Clare Tai Chi & Qigong, where we run classes and workshops


All classes and workshops postponed til July 2020 at the earliest


Tai Chi and Qigong exercises work with the body by increasing strength, flexibility, balance, blood flow, opening energy channels, stimulating acupuncture points, increasing metabolism, etc., thus optimising physical health and general well-being.



The exercises are taught in a welcoming environment and can also help;


  • Increase flexibility

  • Calm the mind

  • Relax the body

  • Improve circulation

  • Re-energise

  • Hydrate the joints

  • Improve posture

  • Fall prevention

  • Grounding and balance

  • Body awareness and sensitivity

  • Strengthen the muscles

  • Loosen physical tension

  • Improve immune and nervous systems


“I have learned so much so fast in Kevin’s lessons at Clare Tai Chi. It’s easy to pick up when you see an experienced instructor repeatedly demonstrating the moves and helping you through them, highly recommended.” Brian.
“I enjoy my Tai Chi and Qigong classes immensely. The great vibes, the soothing background music and, most of all, Kevin’s professionalism, are great things to look forward to every week.” Ana.


“I  highly recommend Kevin’s Tai Chi classes and seminars.  He is simply the best teacher I have had in this area!  Part of the effectiveness of the classes is the sense of Kevin’s own personal journey – he presents the differences and philosophies behind the exercises which help me to remember them and see more clearly their function. I would not be the best student but at this stage I have acquired a selection of simple exercises in Tai Chi and Qigong that I can readily access to gain quick benefit. And I always aspire to learn more and do at every class I attend.  Not only do I recommend Kevin’s Tai Chi to friends but I also advise patients as a gentle non-evasive form of exercise for anyone no matter what their health status.” Geraldine.
“I loved my Tai Chi classes with Kevin.  He is a great teacher and the classes were brilliant for body, mind and spirit.  Great stress relief!  I cannot recommend Tai Chi or Kevin too highly.” Breda.
 “As a total “non-believer” I decided to try something different in order to have a bit of me time and get my mind off work related thoughts. It took a few classes but I have to say once I really got comfortable with the Tai Chi, I found it amazing and of great benefit to me. I now find I can turn off my work head easier and with the Meditation method Kevin teaches, I can now take time out and relax for awhile. Let’s just say I now Believe.”  Steve.
“Without tai chi the energy that flows through you like a fresh water stream becomes stagnant, storing up all sorts of physical ailments and mental inertia. So get in gear and get down to classes!” Alan.
“After years battling with 3 debilitating auto immune disorders which left me very unwell, unfit and weak I stumbled across Kevin’s Tai Chi class which was definitely a turning point for me. I am now back walking up to 7kms, cycling 5 and this summer I climbed Croagh Patrick for the 1st time in years! This is one class I won’t be giving up…..”  Imelda.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information,

Kevin (0860535513)

All Clare Tai Chi and Qigong classes and workshops are run by experienced qualified instructors with the aim of helping to improve and maintain the health/fitness levels of all those attending.